Friday, 29 March 2013

Molues The Revolt is a film coming from the stables of 3D MotionPictures Limited.
A futuristic science fiction film that features a story of Lagos state government banning and evacuating all Molues (Old rickety Metro buses) out from the streets of Lagos. Little did they know that the embattled Molues have formed a formidable alliance with the western machines. The whole fight gets very messy with the introduction of the Nigerian air force. The story of this film has been greatly influenced by the Hollywood Transformers.
The movie was filmed in Lagos Nigeria. Creating a big flick with intense action speaks a whole lot for the Nigerian Nollywood industry. It took almost 12 months to accomplish this movie production unlike some other Nollywood productions.
The producer of the flick Okoye Ekene who is currently the MD  of 3D Motion Pictures stressed the enormous  amount of work put into the making of the film which made the film a success story.
The heavy amount of post production works on this film project is not left behind. 3d motion pictures limited is proud to be the brain behind the post production works of this Nollywood movie with the heavy presence of CG elements, 3d animations and super visual effects. Probably never seen in the industry before. One of the greatest beauty of the film is the next to real factor which integrates the CGs and the live action footage in a seamless manner. This visual effect and 3d animation company is aimed at bringing magic to the African screens.
This movie is definitely the future of African screens in the light of creating more fun and relaxing  contents even on the big screens.

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Tuesday, 1 January 2013


Special Effect Directing in Nigeria is becoming more pronounced in demand  by the day as the need for it continues to rise. It is quite a daunting task when movie producers begin to make plans for their films without having the necessary tools and professionals to work with. Then the need to ask these questions never seems to be undermined.
1. Does Nollywood  have the  right visual Effect  (VFX)directors and professionals to work with in film making  process ?
2. Are VFX directors in Nigeria  good enough at least to handle this movie production?
3. How and where do I locate these special  Effect directors in Nigeria film industry.

It is quite obvious that most post production projects in our film projects in Nollywood  especially with lots of advanced effects are not really processed in Nigeria. This could just be afforded by a few because of obvious reasons. Tons of thousands of dollars offered to these big post production studios in Hollywood becomes practically unwarranted for Nollywood  film producers.
Ekene Okoye, Nollywood special effect director.
Ekene Okoye, Nollywood Special effect director
With an increased level of demand for quality movies in our cinemas, one just have to say "step up". Be it Silverbird Cinemas, Ozone Cinemas or Genesis Deluxe Cinemas, they can't afford not to give you  a long list of requirement to meet before they can shortlist your film for screening. The quality of your post production especially as regards visual special effects in 2D and 3D animation incorporated in the film or movie is one their in house criteria for passing  films through for the big screen.

Some of the Movies making headlines in Nollywood as well as the cinemas is not far-fetched from being directed by a good Nollywood special effect director. Films like Obi Emelonye's Last Flight To Abuja' is one those, but not with its own Flaws. Nevertheless the film is a good start with good effects and animation. So what's the way forward?

If you are looking for a seasoned Nollywood Special Effect Director for your films, TV commercials or Music Videos then you are lucky. Check out this.
 Ekene Okoye -  A seasoned Nollywood Special effect Director. Has the capacity to work with complex and advanced effects for film and videos.
He currently runs  a 3D animation and special effect studio in Lagos, 3D Motion Pictures Limited.
Gifted hands that craft dreams to reality.
3D Motion Pictures Limited is one of the leading Post  Production studios in Nigeria providing  a stop solution for digital VFX in films and Videos.

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Saturday, 3 November 2012

3D Animation In Nigeria

So many Film makers, Producers, music video directors, enthusiasts and many more surf the internet on daily basis in search of knowledge, materials and solutions. All in search of modern and up to date Visual Effect and 3D animation solutions.
Nigeria's media content developers in the field of film, video, CG and TV commercials have raised their bars to accommodate the best practices in animation and visual effects bringing compelling ideas for viewing pleasures in homes. Quite appreciated isn't it?. OK the question goes.
1. Are the viewers of these media contents really having a pleasant viewing experience without an additional cup of tea?
2. Are content producers really consciously happy with their end productions.
These two questions sometimes might not be given a definite answer. There are many animation companies in Nigeria with most of them located in Lagos. Most of these studios are specialized in 2D animation and the remaining few have their root in 3D animation.
In any case, Motion Graphics especially in TV commercials, TV reality shows, Presentations have really brought Nigeria to lime light (CG related) to rival their counterparts in other African nations as well as the rest of the world. In Nigeria, 3D animation has not lived up to standard as it's 2D brother.
Firstly, this is basically because most animators in Nigeria are self trained and under trained to face the complex nature of the operations involved in 3D animation. Majority of the animations are targeted towards commercials which sometimes eventually come out half baked. This simply meaning that the animators need more extensive training in those areas to deliver excellent and best services in their animations jobs.
Secondly, few studios especially in Lagos employ State of the art facilities and equipment to get the ball rolling. However only a few media content developers have the money and resources to patronize these studios. So what happens to the remaining few, "Disaster".
Thirdly , complex animations are quite time consuming. some studios always fail to meet up their production deadlines given to them by their clients even when it's critical. Animators and clients, both complain of slow production process which usually entails modeling, texturing, animation, rendering and seamless integration with live action footage. So who is to blame?
You know what, I will tell you who to blame but wait..... check out this animation studio and tell me what you think.
3D Motion Pictures Limited is one of the best animation, visual effect and design studios set up in providing uncompromising solutions in the area of Film (Nollywood), TV commercials , Music Videos. They are based in Lagos.
3D Animation In Nigeria

Company Profile
address.      94A Bode Thomas Street Surulere, Lagos

Author.  Okoye Ekene
MD at 3D Motion Pictures Limited