Friday, 29 March 2013

Molues The Revolt is a film coming from the stables of 3D MotionPictures Limited.
A futuristic science fiction film that features a story of Lagos state government banning and evacuating all Molues (Old rickety Metro buses) out from the streets of Lagos. Little did they know that the embattled Molues have formed a formidable alliance with the western machines. The whole fight gets very messy with the introduction of the Nigerian air force. The story of this film has been greatly influenced by the Hollywood Transformers.
The movie was filmed in Lagos Nigeria. Creating a big flick with intense action speaks a whole lot for the Nigerian Nollywood industry. It took almost 12 months to accomplish this movie production unlike some other Nollywood productions.
The producer of the flick Okoye Ekene who is currently the MD  of 3D Motion Pictures stressed the enormous  amount of work put into the making of the film which made the film a success story.
The heavy amount of post production works on this film project is not left behind. 3d motion pictures limited is proud to be the brain behind the post production works of this Nollywood movie with the heavy presence of CG elements, 3d animations and super visual effects. Probably never seen in the industry before. One of the greatest beauty of the film is the next to real factor which integrates the CGs and the live action footage in a seamless manner. This visual effect and 3d animation company is aimed at bringing magic to the African screens.
This movie is definitely the future of African screens in the light of creating more fun and relaxing  contents even on the big screens.

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