Saturday, 3 November 2012

3D Animation In Nigeria

So many Film makers, Producers, music video directors, enthusiasts and many more surf the internet on daily basis in search of knowledge, materials and solutions. All in search of modern and up to date Visual Effect and 3D animation solutions.
Nigeria's media content developers in the field of film, video, CG and TV commercials have raised their bars to accommodate the best practices in animation and visual effects bringing compelling ideas for viewing pleasures in homes. Quite appreciated isn't it?. OK the question goes.
1. Are the viewers of these media contents really having a pleasant viewing experience without an additional cup of tea?
2. Are content producers really consciously happy with their end productions.
These two questions sometimes might not be given a definite answer. There are many animation companies in Nigeria with most of them located in Lagos. Most of these studios are specialized in 2D animation and the remaining few have their root in 3D animation.
In any case, Motion Graphics especially in TV commercials, TV reality shows, Presentations have really brought Nigeria to lime light (CG related) to rival their counterparts in other African nations as well as the rest of the world. In Nigeria, 3D animation has not lived up to standard as it's 2D brother.
Firstly, this is basically because most animators in Nigeria are self trained and under trained to face the complex nature of the operations involved in 3D animation. Majority of the animations are targeted towards commercials which sometimes eventually come out half baked. This simply meaning that the animators need more extensive training in those areas to deliver excellent and best services in their animations jobs.
Secondly, few studios especially in Lagos employ State of the art facilities and equipment to get the ball rolling. However only a few media content developers have the money and resources to patronize these studios. So what happens to the remaining few, "Disaster".
Thirdly , complex animations are quite time consuming. some studios always fail to meet up their production deadlines given to them by their clients even when it's critical. Animators and clients, both complain of slow production process which usually entails modeling, texturing, animation, rendering and seamless integration with live action footage. So who is to blame?
You know what, I will tell you who to blame but wait..... check out this animation studio and tell me what you think.
3D Motion Pictures Limited is one of the best animation, visual effect and design studios set up in providing uncompromising solutions in the area of Film (Nollywood), TV commercials , Music Videos. They are based in Lagos.
3D Animation In Nigeria

Company Profile
address.      94A Bode Thomas Street Surulere, Lagos

Author.  Okoye Ekene
MD at 3D Motion Pictures Limited