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Special Effect Directing in Nigeria is becoming more pronounced in demand  by the day as the need for it continues to rise. It is quite a daunting task when movie producers begin to make plans for their films without having the necessary tools and professionals to work with. Then the need to ask these questions never seems to be undermined.
1. Does Nollywood  have the  right visual Effect  (VFX)directors and professionals to work with in film making  process ?
2. Are VFX directors in Nigeria  good enough at least to handle this movie production?
3. How and where do I locate these special  Effect directors in Nigeria film industry.

It is quite obvious that most post production projects in our film projects in Nollywood  especially with lots of advanced effects are not really processed in Nigeria. This could just be afforded by a few because of obvious reasons. Tons of thousands of dollars offered to these big post production studios in Hollywood becomes practically unwarranted for Nollywood  film producers.
Ekene Okoye, Nollywood special effect director.
Ekene Okoye, Nollywood Special effect director
With an increased level of demand for quality movies in our cinemas, one just have to say "step up". Be it Silverbird Cinemas, Ozone Cinemas or Genesis Deluxe Cinemas, they can't afford not to give you  a long list of requirement to meet before they can shortlist your film for screening. The quality of your post production especially as regards visual special effects in 2D and 3D animation incorporated in the film or movie is one their in house criteria for passing  films through for the big screen.

Some of the Movies making headlines in Nollywood as well as the cinemas is not far-fetched from being directed by a good Nollywood special effect director. Films like Obi Emelonye's Last Flight To Abuja' is one those, but not with its own Flaws. Nevertheless the film is a good start with good effects and animation. So what's the way forward?

If you are looking for a seasoned Nollywood Special Effect Director for your films, TV commercials or Music Videos then you are lucky. Check out this.
 Ekene Okoye -  A seasoned Nollywood Special effect Director. Has the capacity to work with complex and advanced effects for film and videos.
He currently runs  a 3D animation and special effect studio in Lagos, 3D Motion Pictures Limited.
Gifted hands that craft dreams to reality.
Website- www.3dmpl.com
E-mail-      info@3dmpl.com
3D Motion Pictures Limited is one of the leading Post  Production studios in Nigeria providing  a stop solution for digital VFX in films and Videos.

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